Monday, September 21, 2015

LED vs. Halogen Tree Christmas Lights in Ann Arbor For Landscaping

Which do you believe is better: LED or Halogen lights?

Contrary to what the naysayers may believe, LED lights are the most preferred!

According to Light Bulbs Etc. Inc., LED tree Christmas lights in Ann Arbor “have a life span much greater than standard incandescent bulbs, over 25,000 hours. This means, unless they get damaged, they could practically last a lifetime of holiday seasons.”

If you’re going for super energy efficiency this holiday season, then halogen lights probably aren’t the best choice. Imagine saving enough money on energy bills for running your tree Christmas lights in Ann Arbor to buy the new toy this Christmas that everyone wants!

Here’s a chart to compare wattage provided by Light Bulbs Etc. Inc.:

Size: LED Lights Halogen
50 LEDs 4 Watts 20 Watts
100 LEDs 9 Watts 40 Watts
200 LEDs 12 Watts 53 Watts

Imagine a hassle-free holiday season that is filled with joy, laughter and all the tree Christmas lights in Ann Arbor you can handle! Every light will shine guaranteed! Call us today at (734) 417-2212 for a complete design consultation! We offer residential and commercial Christmas light installation service in the cities of Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Canton, Brighton, Novi, Dexter, Chelsea, and Saline.