Friday, December 14, 2018

Create Buzz for Your Business with Professional Commercial Holiday Lighting

Want to generate buzz for your business this holiday season? Looking for a creative way to increase foot-traffic for your company through the winter? Want to dazzle customers with a commercial Christmas light installation in Ann Arbor?

commercial Christmas Light Installation Ann ArborWe all know that sparkling holiday light displays are one of things that get us out of the house in the depths of winter. When these displays adorn your business, they catch eyes and get people talking about your company! We’re not talking about a few strings of lights in your shrubbery, though. We’re talking about a stunning display that will have people, and potential customers, going out of their way to drive past your business in evening hours. But you don’t need to burden yourself with the design and installation of holiday lighting to get these results. Leave the job to the professionals and see your business reap the rewards. 

How a professional Christmas light installation helps create buzz for your business. 

  1. Full design consultation included with full service: your holiday light display won’t be cookie-cutter. We’ll work with you and the elements of your property to create something unique. 
  2. Design options aren’t limited by safety concerns: when you trust the job to the pros, they’ll bring your dreams to life, something that would be difficult and risky to attempt on your own. 
  3. 24-hour service available for any issues: your holiday light installation needs to work at all hours, so we do, too!
  4. 100% satisfaction guaranteed: if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll make it right.
  5. Design options can include: draped lights on fences, lit roof lines, garland, mini trees along walkways, wrapped trees, outdoor Christmas trees, hanging stars and snowflakes, animated décor, nativity scenes, net lights for shrubbery, icicle lights, topiary animals, and much more. 

Make the most out of this jolly time of year with a brilliant holiday light display for your business. Create some buzz and bring in new customers with stress-free service when you give the experts at Delights Christmas Light Installation a call. We’re ready to talk about your visions for a stunning commercial light display. Get your complete design consultation today!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Eliminate Safety Concerns with Professional Commercial Holiday Lighting

Want an eye-catching holiday display for your business, but are concerned with safety issues for yourself and employees? Need a safer option for commercial Christmas light installation in Ann Arbor this year? Curious how professional holiday lighting might eliminate safety concerns?
commercial Christmas light installation Ann Arbor

Have you ever had the experience where a ladder doesn’t look so high until you’re standing at the top of it? Creating a holiday lighting display at your business can be risky because you’re most likely dealing with ladders, considerable heights, and various electric elements. But you don’t have to let these safety concerns bring you down. You have the stress-free option of professional light installation for your Ann Arbor business. 

How professional light installation eliminates your safety concerns. 

  1. Training and Experience: before our team member set foot on your property, they undergo extensive ladder and roof safety training. Not only are team members well-trained, they’re experienced and comfortable in their work. 
  2. Insured: we’re fully insured in the case of any accidents, giving you peace of mind that neither you nor your business is at risk while we’re at work.
  3. Full-Service: with our service options, you don’t have to worry about fiddling with burnt out lights, taking down décor, or even storage. Nobody you’re responsible for will be working with electrical components or climbing ladders for your holiday display this year. 
  4. Property Security: going with pro installation not only keeps you and your employees safer, you also protect your physical property. We’ll respect your property, and if there’s ever an issue, we won’t rest until it’s resolved! 

Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk and don’t sacrifice having beautiful commercial holiday lighting this year. Have it all when you give the experts at Delights Christmas Light Installation a call. We’re ready to talk about your vision for a stunning commercial light display. Get your complete design consultation today!