Monday, November 27, 2017

Give the Gift of Lights For Christmas!

Not sure what to give everyone on your Christmas list?

Do you have people on your list who are hard to buy for?

Do you have people on your list who seem to have everything? Is it a struggle to figure out what to get for them every year?

Give a gift everyone in the family can enjoy! The gift of Christmas lights!

holiday light installation Ann Arbor
This year we surprised my parents by having lights installed on the outside of their home in Canton, Michigan. Steve was great in coordinating with me long distance to pull off the surprise (I live in Grand Rapids). My parents were overwhelmed with joy!

The lights are commercial grade and shine bright every night of the season! My folks live on a main road and their friends, neighbors and passersby have all commented on how beautiful the display looks.

Steve's crew was safe, professional and installed at their home without disturbing any landscape. I am excited to engage them year after year, as long as my parents are in their home.”

Alisha, Grand Rapids

Full-Service Holiday Light Installation in Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Areas.

If you want to spread the joy of the holiday season, purchase a holiday light installation package from Delights! Our services include:

  1. Wreathes
  2. Garland
  3. Storage options
  4. Outdoor d├ęcor take down

Contact Steve Mussio to schedule a free design consultation! We’ll help you design an outdoor lighting display that is sure to be admired when everyone in the neighborhood passes by. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10 Tips to Make Taking Down Your Holiday Lights Easier!

Love your holiday lights, but not so much the taking them down? Tempted to leave your holiday lights up year-round to avoid the cleanup? Are you looking for an easier way to take down your holiday lights?

If you’ve ever procrastinated taking your holiday lights down for so long it was March before you got around to it, we feel your pain! Holiday lights are great way to celebrate the season, but the last thing you want to do when the holiday rush is over is drudge out into the cold to carefully pull the lights down and store them. If you feel the urge to just grab the end of the string and give it a yank, please resist!
residential Christmas Light installers

Before you get stirred into a frenzy just thinking about the unpleasantness, consider our tips for making you holiday light takedown a little easier.  

  1. Put lights up in a uniform, organized way to make it easier to take them down.
  2. Make yourself a helper out of a broom handle and hook from a wire hanger. It will help you hang and remove high lights or ornaments.
  3. Watch the weather and pick a good day to go out and remove lights. Wait a week or more if it’s necessary to avoid high winds or subzero temps. 
  4. Wear gloves to protect your fingers from the cold and from sharp protrusions along the gutters or landscaping.
  5. Have a partner help you to make the job go more smoothly and quickly. 
  6. Avoid working in the dark by starting earlier in the day. 
  7. Use ladders only according to product recommendations. 
  8. Store lights wrapped around notched pieces or cardboard with labels in plastic tubs.
  9. Consider a pre-lit tree or silver tinsel in place of traditional string lights for easier cleanup/takedown. 
  10. Hire professional residential Christmas light installers to take down your lights for an easier end to the holiday season!

Unless you invent some kind of string light removal vacuum, taking down your holiday lights will always be a bit of a chore. But with a little planning and guidance, you can get everything down safely and effectively in a single shot. 

If you have more questions about taking down your holiday lights, give us a call today. We hope you will allow us to light up your holiday season by asking us about our range of services. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Lighting!

Are you new to hanging holiday lights?

Do you want your home to sparkle this holiday season?

Are you unsure about what best practices are when it comes to hanging holiday lights?

No problem! We’re the experts when it comes to hanging Christmas and we’re happy to share some helpful knowledge and advice.
Professional Christmas Light Installers


  • Use supplies made for outdoor use.
  • Use clips rather than staples so you don’t ruin your roof.
  • Store your lights properly by unknotting light strands and use a twist tie to keep single strands of lights separated.
  • Take advantage of specialty lights! Single strands are great for spiral wrapping and outlining your home. However, icicle lights are great for straight elements like gutters and columns, while net-style lights are perfect for bushes and hedges.
  • Connect similar strands together. If you’re hanging incandescent lights, connect all of those together. If you’re using LED lights, connect all of those together. You could short out or blow a fuse, as different lights require different amounts of power.

  • Hang lights by yourself. Safety first! Have someone help you anchor the ladder as you climb. 
  • Hang multiple strands together. If you hook more than 3 strands together, your lights can short out. 
  • Throw away extra bulbs and fuses. These extras may come in handy next year when your light strands decide to quit on you. 
  • Connect incandescent and LED strands together because incandescent lights require more power. Your lights can overload and fry.
  • Use more lights then your circuit breaker can handle.

If you decide that having professional Christmas light installers in Ann Arbor do the job right the first time around is a better choice for you, give us a call. We’re happy to make your dream holiday light display come true!

“Steve and his crew did a beautiful job with the holiday lighting on my office building! I get compliments just about every day from friends and strangers. They also keep an eye on it for me and make adjustments without having to call. Excellent service all around. Highly recommended.”

Jill, Ann Arbor

Give our professional Christmas light installers at Delights a call today to schedule your free design consultation. (734) 417-2212