Friday, October 21, 2016

6 Ways to Use Your Christmas Lights All Year!

Are you super excited for Christmas and can’t wait any longer to hang your lights?

Would you celebrate Christmas all year long if you could?

We know we wouldn’t give it a second thought! At Delights we LOVE Christmas!
You don’t have to wait any longer to decorate because there’s always a useful place around your house that you can use Christmas lights. Break out your Rubbermaid containers full of lights and start decorating now!
Christmas light installers Ann Arbor

According to, you can use Christmas lights all year around in ways like these:

1.    Hang lights around your windows for an eye catching effect.
2.    Create a curtain of lights to hang in your backyard or as a wedding ceremony backdrop.
3.    Hang them in the backyard for an inviting feel.
4.    Wrap lights around tree trunks to create a special seating area in your garden.
5.    Drape lights around a mirror for a wow-worthy display.
6.    Loop Christmas lights around a chuppah.

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