Sunday, October 14, 2018

Holiday Decorations—Pretty Lights or Business Sense?

xmas lighting ann arborHey, Ann Arbor—Xmas lighting might do more for your business than you may think! Have you ever thought about putting xmas lights in your business windows to help boost seasonal sales? People are attracted to bright, pretty things—they catch our eyes, make us look at things longer. 
Ann Arbor, Xmas lighting may be fun, but it’s also excellent business sense. After all, Christmas is the season of giving! Much of that giving involves buying things in old fashioned brick and mortar stores. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “expenditure in department stores nationwide rose from $20.8 billion in November 2004 to $31.9 billion in December 2004, an increase of 54 percent.” 
Best of all, holiday retail has been on the rise since 2015. An eye-catching display not only helps boost your odds of customers walking in, it can help increase your revenue! 

Xmas lighting is a business strategy you should consider employing. Who better to get it done than the professionals at Xmas Delights? Don’t worry about the safety of you or employees—let us worry about that for you! Contact us today to execute on this excellent holiday business strategy. 

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