Monday, October 1, 2018

The Holiday Decoration Race

xmas lighting ann arborIs there anything more beautiful than Christmas lights during the winter season? Driving down dark lanes on a snowy night, hunting for the best Christmas decorations can inspire a sense of childish wonder. Do you gape at the Xmas lighting in Ann Arbor and the fun blow-up holiday figures? Do you want to inspire that same awe and cheer in others? Then be sure to buy your decorations before they’re gone!

Xmas Lighting in Ann Arbor

Holiday decoration sales have been on a rise since 2011, with Americans spending nearly $600 million dollars on them in 2014. The demand has only increased since! While stores prep for the onrush of holiday customers, you may need to plan ahead—especially if you need multiple reindeer on the front lawn! Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph may be gone by the time you check this season’s shelves. Decorations disappear quickly! You can’t expect a store to be fully stocked with the items you need if you wait too long.

Are you prepared? When it’s a race between you and the rest of the United States, you may need to find a short cut. Book us early, and we can install the decorations you want! Xmas lighting in Ann Arbor has never been simpler! Contact us today to make your house this season’s best.

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