Monday, November 12, 2018

Hate Hanging Christmas Lights? Leave it to Professional Christmas Light Installers!

Hate hanging Christmas lights?

Do Christmas lights get you frustrated every year?

Do you hate climbing up a ladder to hang lights?
professional Christmas light installers Ann Arbor

According to Lifehacker, “It only takes a few feet to fall to suffer a concussion, break a bone, or tweak your back. To avoid injury:

  1. Don’t drink and decorate
  2. Don’t decorate alone
  3. Check your ladder before you use it
  4. Set your ladder up properly
  5. Keep kids safe on the ground”

If you decide hanging Christmas lights on your own isn’t for you, contact professional Christmas light installers in Ann Arbor today!

We hang Christmas light in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas of Plymouth, Canton, Brighton, Novi, Dexter, Chelsea, and Saline. We’ll work with you on a design; you won’t have to worry about installation, and we’ll take down your decorations and provide storage until you’re ready to put them up next year. Call our professional Christmas light installers in Ann Arbor today a complete design consultation. (734) 417-2212.

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