Friday, October 15, 2021

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Christmas Light Installation Service

Christmas light installation Ann Arbor

If you want some help installing your Christmas lights, that’s understandable. Installing Christmas lights can create an opportunity for injury or home damage, and that’s no fun around the holidays. At Delights, we’re fully insured and well trained in roof installations to minimize the chance for injury, and we use only professional equipment and mounting accessories. Here are some questions you might ask a Christmas light installation service to make sure they’re the right choice for you:

  • Are you a licensed and insured professional light installation company?
  • How can I save money and energy on my Christmas light installations?
  • Do you use energy-efficient bulbs?
  • How can I put my lights on a timer to save time and energy?
  • Will you help me design the right Christmas light installation for my home?
  • How long do the lights stay up, and how do I make sure they are removed in a timely fashion?

How to Save Energy on Christmas Light Installations

You have all these great ideas, but now you might be concerned how much energy that’s going to use over the holiday season. Did you know that Christmas lights can be energy efficient and still look extravagant? Modern Christmas light installations work with the most energy efficient types of lighting without sacrificing beauty, so your budget goes a lot further. Here are some tips to save extra energy when installing Christmas lights on your home for the holidays:

  • Install your lights on a timer or program them to display at certain times. No need for your lights to be running all day if you forget to turn them off. You can install lights to turn on when it’s dark, or only when you want them to display.
  • Choose energy-efficient bulbs. LEDs can save you tons of energy and money on Christmas lights. 
  • Design your Christmas light display for maximum impact. Put lights around rooflines, on porch pillars, trees and garden shrubs in front of your home for a look that’s designed just for your home. By putting lights where they have the greatest effect, you can make the most of your energy budget.

Professional light installation should be fun, easy, and full service. We can’t wait to see the beautiful Christmas light installations we design together for your home come alive. Please call us for a free consultation with your questions about Christmas light installations and energy savings.

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